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*Study carried out on September 2015, based on following sources:

 Rated 8,5/10 from 124 guest reviews

Tripadvisor Le Six Hotel Paris  Rated 95/100 from 661 guest reviews

Hotel Le Six Paris at Expedia  Rated 4,5/5 from 280 guest reviews

Hotel Le Six Paris at Hotels.com  Rated 4,4/5 from 194 guest reviews

Le Six Hotel at TrivagoTrivago Rating Index  Rated 87/100 from 1444 guest reviews

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  • Philip Kaminsky

    Wonderful hotel -- we thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

  • Laura Jones

    My experience with Observatoire Luxembourg was exceptional. The staff was professional and attentive. Even before I arrived in Paris they surveyed my needs and provided assistance with airport transfers and directions to assist my secure and safe travel to the hotel. My concern was having a clean room with a comfortable washroom. Breakfast and easy access to sight seeing destinations was also top on my list. All my requirements were met by hotel Observatoire Luxembourg. My partner who is quite difficult to please comments: - Adequate for sight seeing tourists - Friendly helpful staff - Location excellent for access to transportation - Breakfast was varied and hearty the I would definitely book with Hotel Observatoire Luxembourg again. Thank-you Mustafa and Africa for your assistance before and during my trip - I so appreciated your care, conversation and suggestions which all contributeday to a wonderful stay in Paris!

  • Hotel guest

    Friendly and helpful staff. Nice breakfast. Great location. Would definitely stay here again.

  • Sancha Salgueiro

    The Hotel has a super location. Room on the first floor, in the corner is a little noisy. It is a very good idea to ask about reusing towels and bed sheets, however, I suggest the little cloud be used when we want to indicate that we want to change them, not as it is now. Reason is that I forget to use the cloud, even when I don't mind reusing the sheets.

  • Katharine Dobbins

    It was very nice nad met our needs just fine. I think we may have left a small Nikon camera in the room, however. I did not hear anything, though, so perhaps it was not found there.